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Globaltailer Ltd.
works with retailers and investors to assess and optimize retail businesses, strategies, concepts and programs. We have been conducting strategic assessments and performance optimization projects for companies for over 5 years. Our expertise and insights into retail business models and their key drivers of success have proven extremely valuable to our clients.

Our team has gained a deep understanding of what propels successful performance, from both our experience as retailers, and as consultants across multiple retail disciplines. Our cross-functional expertise provides an excellent foundation to help clients with a diverse range of projects.

Why Globaltailer?

  • Feasibility assessments for startups and new concepts
  • Due diligence assessments and retail insights as part of mergers and acquisitions
  • Customer experience and store environment effectiveness
  • Performance improvement in merchandising, operations and marketing
  • IT, real estate and supply chain strategic assessments
  • Purchasing efficiently and finding the right partners to work with

Our understanding of consumer behavior and retail operations, enables us to help clients refocus on the most important processes and objectives. From measuring the right aspects to eliminating low value activities, we help our clients get the most out of their resources and improve the return on their assets and investments.


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