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Globaltailer Ltd. provides critical research, information and insights on the retail industry. Our partners visit many retail stores every month. Coupled with our extensive experience as both retailers and consultants, this helps us develop deep insights into retailers, retail trends and consumer behavior. We maintain an active list of the newest and best retail concepts, formats and processes. We track innovation across all segments and evaluate retail best practices. We provide custom solutions for a wide variety of clients, including national and international retailers, suppliers, investors and service providers. 

Globaltailer Ltd. creates winning strategies for both retailers and suppliers to the retail industry. Our heritage and our business is centered on strategic planning, whether for a company’s overall strategy or for its strategic business units.

We are tightly focused on understanding retail strategies and the customer behavior that powers them. We understand all the elements of retailing required to be successful (culture, organization, merchandise and service offerings, operations, infrastructure, etc.), not just research and design. Our retail expertise, coupled with over 5 years experience in studying consumer trends, translates into the ability to provide candid, insightful perspectives and actionable recommendations. 

Why Globaltailer?

  • Insights and research custom-designed to address specific client issues
  • Presentations and speaking engagements to a wide variety of audiences, including retailers, industry groups and trade associations
  • Best practice studies and leading innovations
  • Study tours of innovative and best practice retail concepts, custom-designed for each client and geography
  • Deep retail expertise—retail is OUR business
  • We understand what wins with consumers
  • Real world experience as retailers
  • Experienced in all facets of strategy—the foundation of our business
  • Comprehensive and proven process

We are deeply experienced at guiding companies through the strategic planning process to achieve fresh insights and solutions. Our process is built upon ownership—partnering with our clients to ensure they will successfully execute the strategyWe are experts at interpreting the retail marketplace and turning insights into successful long term strategies.

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