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Globaltailer Ltd. helps companies develop a unique, consistent and sustainable customer experience that aligns their strategy and positioning with the right execution practices to win with customers.

We understand what creates a great customer experience and how to deliver it consistently, time and again, across all touch-points and channels. Our unique experience as both retailers and consultants enables us to help clients address the complexity of uniting their positioning with all the elements and processes that directly touch customers. Our partners understand all the elements that comprise the customer experience (selection, convenience, communications, team, control etc).

Why Globaltailer?

  • Deep retail expertise—both as consultants and retailers ourselves
  • We understand what wins with consumers—and what doesn’t
  • Proprietary models that are the framework to assess the retail experience from a customer’s point of view
  • Comprehensive cross-functional expertise that supports all the critical customer relationship touch-points

We focus on customers first. Our understanding of consumer behavior and what wins with them, coupled with our deep understanding of retail operations, enables us to help clients refocus on better serving their target customer and achieving their short as well as long term strategic objectives.

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