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Why Globaltailer?
Why Globaltailer?

Globaltailer Ltd.
(your partner in success) is a
London based retail & FMCG consulting firm founded in year 2012. Why are we so unique in the field of retail consulting? We provide our clients:

  • Partner driven, talented and experienced team of professionals. We are talented and uniquely qualified to develop, assess, and implement new retail concepts for retailers and suppliers. Our business is based on retail and supply side of FMCG, and has been for over 20 years. Our senior team is deeply skilled and has an average of over fifteen years of real world experience in the retail industry.
  • Proven process for developing and implementing actionable and successful retail strategies. Our consulting practice touches every facet of retailing and supplying, including operations, service, merchandise, real estate, systems, culture, organization, marketing, malls and logistics. Our retail expertise, our extensive experience in retail strategy development, our understanding of consumer trends, all translates into the ability to provide creative, insightful perspectives and actionable recommendations.
  • Successful retail concept development experience. Our retail concept development team and our start up team have conducted numerous strategic planning, concept development, and implementation projects. We clearly understand the challenges, brand positionings, cost structures, business models and resource capabilities and requirements in developing and implementing successful new retail strategies.
  • Process built upon ownership. We partner with our clients using a team process. In the end, we want to transfer our retailing knowledge to the client team to ensure they will be able to successfully execute the retail concept and/or retail performance improvements.


Globaltailer talents are objective outsiders who are passionate about retailing and FMCGs. Our process is partner driven and consumer centric. We are grounded in retail experience and committed to developing innovative solutions for our clients. We are strategic thinkers and retailing thought leaders. We are among the few retail and FMCG consulting firms which can provide such a high level of experience, expertise, commitment and process not only for normal retailers (incl. discount) but for suppliers as well.

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