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Our focus & beliefs
Why Globaltailer?
Our focus & beliefs

Our consulting practice is centered on retailing.
 It starts with consumers, who we believe ultimately determine retail success or failure. We go beyond the normal facts and data of the business by developing the knowledge and insight that can be applied to our clients’ unique needs and requirements. We are not about broad based multi-client studies, but about developing customized solutions that help our clients win and offer the right store ambience for their customers.

Our consulting practice is focused on developing strategies, concepts and ideas that appeal to consumer needs, and then differentiating those ideas from competition.
 We work hard to understand our clients’ strengths and weaknesses. We collaborate with our clients as a team and concentrate on developing programs and ideas that our clients can successfully implement. Our consulting expertise, combined with years of retailing experience, lead to solutions that are both practical and executable.

We know what it takes to win in retailing.
 Our retailing expertise and processes are proven. They have been applied across all retail and service segments (food, hard lines, soft lines) and to all channels of retailing, including stores, wholesalers and distributors, direct marketing, and e-commerce.

We proud ourselves of being experts at interpreting the retail and supplier marketplace and converting visions into successful and long lasting consumer experiences. 

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