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Why Globaltailer?

Globaltailer Ltd
. (your partner in success) is a 
London based retail & FMCG consulting firm founded in year 2012. We are focused purely on retailing (discount as well) and the consumers that power successful retailing. We are the retail experts and pride ourselves in proving our clients with quality, experience-based insights into the challenges and opportunities that retailing provides.

  • Our History  Since we begun operating we have helped numerous retailers, manufacturers, service providers and FMCG in understanding, navigating, and capitalizing on the retail marketplace.

  • Our focus & beliefs — Our consulting practice is centered on retailing. We are focused on developing strategies, concepts and ideas that appeal to consumer needs, and then help our clients differentiate those ideas from competition. We know what it takes to win in retailing.

  • Why Globaltailer? — We are a partner driven, creative and experienced team. Our processes for developing and implementing actionable and successful strategies are proven. We partner with our clients. In the end we want to transfer our retailing knowledge to the client team.
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